Hello! My name is Vinamra Agarwal. I am an architect who simply loves to cook. Here, I would be sharing the cooking journey that led me to the idea of ‘I CAN COOK’.

It all started way back in Singapore!

Being a vegetarian, it was quite challenging for me to get the food of preference near the house. So I was left with no choice but to cook. I had developed my interest in cooking way back in India when I used to see my mum cook. I never tried cooking in India as I was busy eating mum's delicious meals (P.S. - She cooks super tasty).

I started cooking my mum's recipes when living in Singapore. Eventually, the taste turned out to be fair, and it developed my interest in cooking. I slowly gained confidence, and for the first time, I organised a dinner party for a bunch of my classmates from China to enjoy some authentic Indian food. Me and my friend Manasi prepared a three-course meal including starters, main course and bought rasgulla for the dessert. I cooked paneer (cottage cheese) butter masala and dal (lentils) and served them with rice. They all enjoyed the food, and it felt immense joyous at that moment.

Cooking had become a therapeutic activity for me progressively. I tried experimenting with various cuisines and hosted numerous dinner parties along the way. I had met a diversity of people in Singapore and learned a variety of dishes from them. I also followed some of the celebrity chefs across the globe to learn about diverse cooking techniques. Those days, cooking had become a wholesome experience of joy rather than a necessitated task. In Singapore, I was sharing an apartment with my friends, where we all used to cook together during lockdown due to Covid-19. I explored a lot about cooking at that time. Also, my homies used to trust my instinct about flavour and asked the necessary modification of flavours. All the experiences anticipated me to refine my cooking skills gradually.

One day my sister gave an idea of opening an Instagram account to post the pictures of dishes prepared by me. At first, I didn't take the advice seriously, but then I thought of giving it a go. First things first, I needed a name for my Instagram account. I thought of a few words such as archichef, cookwithme, cookscape etc. and then finally came with the most suitable name i.e. 'I CAN COOK'. This is how my Instagram journey began on March 25, 2020 with the name @icancook_vinci. I started posting food pictures everyday and I was quite happy with the response as people appreciated the posts and stories on Instagram. Eventually, I started uploading the recipes of the dishes prepared. I am learning new things every day about cooking food. And so far my journey towards I CAN COOK is going awesome and much better than my expectations.

In the next blog, I would be sharing about how I CAN COOK turned into an business idea. Stay tuned.


Instagram: @icancook_vinci

Thank you reading my first blog ever, suggestions are most welcome!

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